What does your IndieWorkspace look like?

Juraj KostolanskýNovember 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the desks of other makers, indie hackers and remote workers look like? What tech do they use? What type of setup do they prefer to stay productive and efficient? Where are all the cool projects being made? If so, welcome to the new IndieWorkspace gallery!


I’m currently using a laptop with a 17-inch screen. Yes, it’s a huge and heavy laptop, but I got it from the company I’m working for. I’m using it more like a stationary desktop computer, not for traveling. After experiencing health issues due to my prolonged sitting in front of a computer screen during my IT university studies, I pay a lot more attention to the ergonomics of my workspace. I invested in a proper adjustable office chair. The laptop sits on a cardboard box, so the screen is higher, at my eye level. Behind the box, there is a kitchen under-cabinet light as a screen backlight to illuminate the wall and to prevent eye fatigue. On my desk, there are also some peripheral devices, such as external keyboard, mouse, graphic tablet, speakers. And headphones, of course, when a family member decides to watch TV, so I can work peacefully and deeply.

My workspace

And, in case you didn’t know, I’m not the only one using box as a laptop or monitor stand. At least according to this Justin Jackson’s mini-survey tweet:

Mijustin tweet

Recently I’ve been looking for a way to upgrade this workspace setup. I can be pretty productive just with the mid-size laptop screen, but I think it would be nice to finally buy a proper external monitor — well, I’m a professional! So I’ve been curious about work desks of other people and I’ve tried to find out what other makers and remote developers use.

There are lots of communities and sites that share photos of workspaces and computers of their members. I found many published blog posts and Youtube videos on this topic. However, most of these photos and videos come from geeks, computer game players and young tech enthusiast. You know, that kind of setup with a lot of cool colorful flashing lights and moving parts that, unfortunately, do not increase the overall focus and productivity.

Gaming workspace

I was not able to find that one-purpose site that would allow everyone to share the desk setup and inspire other remote workers. The home for all desk and workspace photos.

At that time, I was looking for an idea for the ongoing Product Hunt Makers Festival, which I wanted to try and join. It should be something cool, simple, easy to implement. A small side project doable in a couple of hours. And it doesn’t matter if it wouldn’t generate any income. So I thought it could be fun to create a crowdsourced gallery of remote workspaces around the world. And the idea to create the IndieWorkspace site was born.

Do the indie remote makers use a small light laptop in their favorite coffee shop, or a professional multi-monitor setup? Do they use monitor stands, VESA arms, or cardboard boxes? Do they prefer organized chaos, or order and minimalism? Do they work from their home, or a coworking space? Let’s find out on indieworkspace.com!

Feel free to contribute and share your own workspace photos, its description and any tips with me and other makers and remote workers. Because we are highly curious individuals!