Hi, I’m Juraj Kostolanský,

a Ruby on Rails web developer.

I'm a software engineer who fell in love with Ruby. When I’m not travelling, I’m based in Slovakia working remotely as a full-stack web developer and system administrator and making side projects, such as LocaleData.

Over the years I worked for an IT university as a researcher, wrote some technical articles for DigitalOcean, managed several servers and created a lot of web sites and applications. I've been involved in many tech areas such as distributed systems, big data, artificial intelligence, knowledge discovery or computer vision.

If you need any help, or if you just want to get in touch and say hello, email me at juraj@kostolansky.sk or tweet at me at @jkostolansky.

Latest from my journal

13 March 2019

How to migrate primary keys from bigint to UUID

Simple way to change your PostgreSQL primary key type in a Rails migration.
26 February 2019

Localize your Rails enums

Simple way to translate your Rails enum values.
11 February 2019

How to expose your local development server

Simple nginx setup for a public access to your local web server. It supports SSL and works behind a NAT.
23 January 2019

The unexpected after_commit behaviour

The Rails callbacks after_create_commit, after_update_commit and after_destroy_commit behave in a way you may not expect.
23 November 2018

What does your IndieWorkspace look like?

Have you ever wondered what the desks of other makers, indie hackers and remote workers look like?